GIU Day 5 – rollin’ out for the Week…..

Welcome back to day 5. For those who have been following allow and those who are just joining, I appreciate you following me this week.

Today we will be taking a step back in time to bring back an office staple before we had computers and smart phones. Raise your hand if you were around for the rolodex logs back in the day.  Awesome, thanks for sharing…… Today I am helping bring them back with a new age spin.

Below I have created address index cards for my rolodex. This rolodex is used for people I card swap with. Each index card is created by inspiration I get from that individual or by using stamps and supplies that make me think of that person. Some items on the index cards are used straight from items they have sent me. 

When people have custom return addresses stamped onto their envelopes I with take that off and repurpose it, like I have down in the once below. On the back sides of the index cards, I write their birthday or special notes I want to remember of that person.

To create the index card base I use a piece of heavy weight cardstock and cut it to 2.5”x4”. Then using a punch designed for index cards by Heidi Swap I punch out the wholes at the bottom. Once that is done the creating can begin. The sky is the limit here. On the ones I have created some have embossed elements and pop ups. Others have charms. 

Another fun thing to do with the rolodex is to swap creations with other artist, much like the ACT swap cards. I keep a separate rolodex for these fun swaps creations. So, if you are interested in doing a rolodex swap let me know. We can connect and swap cards.

Thank you again for following along with me this week. I have enjoyed sharing my creations with each of you. Be sure to return for additional creations.

I will be announcing my winners over on the Unity Facebook page so be sure to keep an eye out.

27 thoughts on “GIU Day 5 – rollin’ out for the Week…..”

  1. Love the rolodex cards! Fun idea to have each one personalized with special items and themes for the individuals!
    Thanks for a great GIU week!

    1. Would you like to do a swap? This is a lot of fun and I usually make swap cards from fun extras laying on my work station.

  2. You’ve really put a lot of great ideas together for your GIU week Heidi. Filled in every spot your possibly could with way more than was required….because that is just how you do things. You are an amazing artist and crafter – which is why it’s easy to encourage you to Get In Your Craftroom! I just love to watch you create. Thanks for sharing some wonderfully creative work.

  3. Yep, I was around back in the day! haha I kept looking for an old Rolodex in the thrift stores, but never found one so I bought the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex. I LOVE making cards for it. I like to make one every month for something that’s going on that particular month. I have a Christmas one done that I’d love to ‘swapp’ with you! My email is rebyah1 Send me your address! Your GIU week was full of fun inspiration, tfs!! Becca

  4. Oh my gosh this is definitely my favorite creation of yours this week. I so love rolodex art work. So very beautiful.

  5. Vannessa Osbourn

    This is so great! I have that exact Rolodex I grabbed out of the trash in the office I used to work in years ago that had never been used. I’ve been wanting to get started but need to get one of those punches. I’ll look to see if they are still available! Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects all week! I really enjoyed them all!

  6. I love how you think outside the box on all of your projects! Great job this week and thanks for sharing your talents.

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