Done by the Dozen w/ complete instructions ( long post)

Today I wanted to take a moment to focus on the following.…maximizing a single set of stamps and/or a kit of the month.  I picked three sets of stamps and decided to make 4 different cards with each set. I challenged myself to use only the stamps in each set for each of the four cards. I also wanted to keep these cards clean and simple (C.A.S.) so it was easy to create a dozen cards in an hour to two hours depending on your skill level. I have to admit sometimes coming up with a design may not always come easy; however, once you get your vision it’s pretty easy to knock out a dozen cards. And for those wondering, I really did make 12 dozen cards. So I have 144 cards on hand. I plan to make twelve gift sets of cards. This is also how I know how long each set will take to make. I did several of the sets assembly line style, meaning I premade card kits (stamped and cut my layers) and then assembled them when I had time. I stamped and cut up 4 kits at a time. For example if you have an hour break for lunch at work, you could easily eat and assemble a couple dozen cards. When I created my card kits, I would make a single A2 card front, giving myself a sample to follow when assembling my cards, plus giving me a card face on which to write any information regarding the card (layer sizes, inks used, etc.). 

 Below you will see a varity of what I feel are clean and simple cards. All cards below also can easily dressed up more, if you choose too. I wanted to provide a foundation to start with knowing we have a wide varity of skill levels and not all of us may have access to lots of embellishments.  Most of my paper products are purchased from Michael’s craft store. (cardstock used is 110 lbs for bases and 65 lbs for layering)Inks used are Versafine and Versafine clair. Any coloring or outlines I used Arteza watercolor markers. For adhesive I use a Scotts ATC gun and Stampin Up Dimensional’s. Dies cuts and embossing folders used are by various companies.  Nuvo drops were also a product I used on a few cards. These can easily always be added to cards for quick dimension. I personally use the Tim Holts stamping platform. These are no longer available on the market however any stamp platform will work. I even used a few stamp blocks because it was easier for a few things I needed to stamp (use what you are comfortable with).  Scrap box!!!!! We all have one. I used my scrap box for several cards, which added a slight variation between cards plus cut down on cardstock waste. Each set of cards used less than 12 full sheets of card stock and when I did have to cut up a fresh piece I used it on another batch. This is why the color scheme all matches. Plus at the moment Black and White are my favorite colors when making cards. It’s so elegant when used with stamping. 

So here goes let’s get this card party started!

Cards Set #1 uses Abundant Blessing

Card #1 = With Sympathy is a side fold A2 card (5.5” w x 4.25” h) Layering sizes are; 1stlayer (metallic Black) 5”x3.75”, second layer (white) 4.25”x3.25” 

            To create this card, I place my card base in my platform and then placed the floral stamp where I wanted it on the corner of my card. When making this set I stamped 6 in the top left and 6 in the bottom right.  Prior to stamping I added the third layer card piece in the center of the card base. I then stamped the image in black. I repeated this until I had all my cards stamped, keeping the two pieces together as the ink set. When I assembled them, I centered layer 1 (black) on the base and then layer 2 (smaller white).

Card #2 = Thank you is a side fold A2 card (5.5” w x 4.25” h) Layering piece 3.5” w x 2.5” h

            This card was created by positioning the card base a little off center of my platform then placing the large flower stamp where I wanted it. As you can see I let some of the image fall off the card. When placing your image down, make sure you have enough room to turn the card base 180 degrees to get the second image on the other corner. You are trying to mirror the images.  They may not be an exact mirror and that’s ok! I set the bases aside then moved onto the top layer. For this I stamped “Thank You” in the center the embossed it with a black sparkling embossing powder. For this set I would stamp one or two then add the embossing powder and emboss until I had all twelve done. Then I distressed the outside edge.  Next I outlined the flower petals with Lemon yellow, neon pink, and bright blue. After this step you can leave the cards as is and add the top layer “Thank You” in the center or do what I did and blend Versafine Clair ink – Verdant color lightly in the white area of the card with a small round sponge. After adding the green let them set so the ink can dry a minute then add the top layer.

Card # 3 = Happy Birthday is a top fold A2 card (5.5” w x 4.25” h) layering sizes are; 1stlayer (colored layer from scrap box) 3” w x 1.5” h , 2ndlayer is 2.75” w x 1.3” h (white)

            This card was made similar to the above card. I left the stamp in place and adjusted where I placed my card stock. I then rotated the card base around after each stamp until I went all the way around the card. For this image, it was about 4 times. I then die cut out the next two layers with a stitched die cut. Once done then I stamped “Happy Birthday in the center of the 2ndlayer (white). At this point you can leave it as is or emboss the “Happy Birthday”. Next, I adhered the 1stlayer and 2ndlayer together. For the final step I used pop-dots to adhere the layered pieces to the card base.

Card #4 = Hello Friend is a side fold A2 card (4.25” w x 5.5” h) single layer

            This is a single layer card. I placed the card base in the corner of my platform; then I centered the flower stamp on my base and stamped out 12. Next, I stamped “Hello Friend” in Versafine Clair – Warm Breeze and allowed the ink to set a minute or two. From there I outlined the flower petals with Bumble Bee yellow and added some Light green to a few leaves. Last, I added black Nuvo dots for some accents. Allow the Nuvo drops to dry for 24 hours before stacking the cards to prevent smearing or sticking together.

Card Set #2 uses June 2018 Kit of the Month – We can Rise

 Card #1 = Looking Sharp is a top fold card (4.25” w x 5.5”h) with a scalloped black layer (3.5” w x 4.75”h) 

             Start by cutting out 12 black layers. Next you will place the black layer in your stamping platform and center the cactus stamp in the black and then raising it up slightly to the top of the layer so you can leave room to place the sentiment “Looking Sharp”. With a white craft pad stamp this image twice in the same spot to get a good white layer of ink on your paper. Before stamping, be sure to use your magnets to hold your paper down the craft ink is a little tacky and may pull up your paper. Once stamped this needs to set over night to dry for best results; however, if you don’t have time for them to sit overnight you can hit them with your heat gun to set the ink. Once the ink is set you then go over top of your stamped image outline with colored pencils. Next lightly run your ink pad around the base of you card stock to give the base a black outline. Then you can adhere the black top layer in the center of your card.

Card #2 = I Think of You Often is a side fold A2 card (4.25” w x 5.5” h) Layering pieces; 1stlayer (Black) 4.25” w x 5.5” h, 2ndLayer (white) 4” w x 5.25”h, 3rd(black sentiment) 2.5” w x 1/3” h

            Adhere the black first layer to your card base. Place 2ndlayering piece (white) in the corner of my platform and position the three feathers from this kit in a diagonal design on the card going from top left to bottom right ensuring the whole feather image stays on the card stock. I then stamped it. You may want to stamp it twice to get a darker black image and pick up all the stamp details. Practice this next step on scrap card stock first. Distressed the white layer around the edges with Versafine Clair – Charming Pink. Let dry and then do the same with black as you did with pink just not going too much onto the card. Use light pressure to get a feathered look. Once you have them stamped set aside and grab a piece of black scrap cards stock. I had some leftover from the cards above. Leaving the scrap longer and wider at first so I could stamp easier on it I then stamped my sentiment in white craft ink twice in the same spot and let set over night. You can set with a heat gun if you wish. Adhere the 2ndlayer (white w/ feathers) to the black layer. Lastly use some smaller pop-dots to adhere your sentiment.

Card #3 = Adventure is a side fold A2 card (4.25” w x 5.5” h) Layering pieces; 1stlayer (patterned paper) 4” w x 5.25” h, layer 6 (white) 3” w x 4” h, 3rdlayer (black) 2.5” w x 1” h

            First cut down your patterned paper and adhere it to the center of your card base. Next place the white 2ndlayer in your platform. Center the suitcase stamp on your card stock and then stamp in black. Adhere the 2ndlayer (white w/ Suitcase) to your card base placing it in the lower left corner with about ¼ boarder around the left & bottom of the patterned paper. To create the sentiment, I used more black scrap paper and stamped the sentiment in white craft ink. Let the ink set or set with a heat gun. I placed the sentiment at slight angle on my card base and adhered it with pop-dots.

Card #4 = Let’s Ride is a top fold A2 card (5.5” w x 4.25” h) Layering pieces; 1stlayer (Gray) 5.25” w x 4” h, 2ndlayer (white) 4.75” w x 2.75” h)

            For the first layer, I pick a fun embossing folder that I felt helped my motor cycle stand out. After embossing the 1stlayering piece, I lightly wiped my Versafine – Smokey Gray ink pad over the top (raised side of card stock up) to distress the top. Next using my stamping platform, I stamped the motorcycle in the center of the 2ndlayer (white). Prior to assembling my layers to the base, I ran my Smoky Gray ink pad around the edges of the card base to add dimension. To assemble, I adhered the 1 layer (gray) to my card base in the center, then layered the 2ndlayering piece in the center. 

Card Set #3 uses December 2018 Kit of the Month – Best friend til The End

            Card #1 & 2 = His & Hers are side fold A2 cards (4.25” w x 5.5” h) These cards use most of the same measurements for the layers with the exception to the sentiment layer. 1stlayer (patterned paper) 4” w x 5.25” h, 2ndlayer (Black) 3.5” w x 4.75” h, 3rdlayer (White) 2.5” w x 4.5” h. Sentiment Layers (Black) are 2.5” w x .5” h & 2.75” w x .5” h. You can use either sentiment on either card.

 To create these cards, I placed the 3rdlayer (white) in the corner of my platform and positioned the man or woman stamp centered in the white layer. I stamped out a dozen of each, and then colored in the heart with red and the tulips with Artic blue, ice blue, and green. I then stamped out 12 of each sentiment. I left the sentiment strips longer until after they were stamped and the ink set. The sentiments are stamped with a White Craft ink. I also used scrap pieces to cut the sentiment strips. You can either use your platform to stamp the sentiments or a block. With the platform, you can double stamp to get a whiter image. To assemble the cards, I started by placing the 1stlayer centered on my card base. I then centered the 2ndlayer (black) on top of the patterned paper. Next take the 3rdlayer and place on top of the black layer centered from top to bottom and about .25” from the left side, leaving more black displaying on the right than the left. To adhere the sentiment strip I used pop-dots and placed my sentiment strip all the way to the right of the card about 1.25” from the bottom. 

Card #3 = Checkmate is a side fold A2 card (4.25” w x 5.5”h) Layering pieces: 1stlayer (patterned paper) 4” w x 5.25” h, 2ndlayer (red square) 3.25”x 3.25”, 3rdlayer 3”x 3”. Sentiment layers: 1stlayer (red) 4.25” w x .75”h, 2ndlayer (white) 4” w x .5” h. When stamping the actual sentiment, I leave the top white layer longer until it’s stamped.

To start off I stamped my chess piece image. Using my platform, I placed the 2ndlayer 3×3 white card stock into the corner. I then centered the stamp and started stamping. After 12 were stamped I rounded the corners and ran my ink pad around the outer edge giving it an outline. Next I used a fancy corner rounder to round the corners on my 3.25” x 3.25” squares and my 1stlayer (patterned paper), then ran the black ink pad around them. To create the sentiment strips you can use one of two stamps in this kit or both if you want to switch it up. The two stamps are “A Queen will always protect her king” and “You are my knight in shining armor.” Leaving the strips long until I needed them, I stamped out my sentiments and then cut them down. I outlined both the red layer and white layer for the sentiment and then glued the top layer in the center of the red. Before I assemble the card, I go around the edges of my card with Versiafine Crimson Red to outline it. To assemble the card, I started with layer 1 (the patterned paper) by placing it in the center of my card base. Next I assembled the 2ndand 3rdlayers (squares) and place this in the center of the pattern paper about .25” down from the top. To add the sentiment, I place the bottom of the strip about .75” from the base of the card. 

Card #4 = Be Mine is a side fold A2 card (4.25” w x 5.5” h) Layering pieces are: 1stlayer (hearts) 4.25” w x 5.5” h, 2ndlayer (red) 2.5” w x 2”h, 3rdlayer (white) 2.25”w x 1.75” h

I started by creating my own patterned paper (8.5 x11) using the cluster of hearts that come in the kit. I stamped the page from side to side allowing some of the stamp to fall off the sides and top/bottom in crimson red. I then cut the page to get my 4.25×5.5” layer. From there I took a black ink pad and ran it around to edges of the layer for an outline. For the sentiment, I stamped the “Be Mine” in the center of the 3rdlayer and out lined it with black. I also outlined the 2ndlayer (red) with the red crimson ink to give it some dimension. To assemble the card, I adhered the 1stlayer to the card base then placed the 2ndlayer (red) slightly higher than center, however it’s centered left to right. I use pop-dots to adhere the sentiment to the red layer. I added black Nuvo drops on the corners of the red layer and sentiments layer. This is optional and I tried it both ways.

If you have made it through each of these card sets, you should now have 144 cards ready to go. 

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