Sweet Nectar

As April is freshly upon us like spring flowers in the air, I’d like to take a moment to share a little deeper into this month’s Corrosive Challenge Design team creation. 

This morning as I started gathering supplies to make my creation, I looked over at my cousins’ memorial card and asked her if she was going to help me create a card for her mom’s birthday. Below is the outcome of our creation. Not one but two creations were created today using the Sweet Nectar digital image by LeAnnsWorld101.

Both of these creations were water colored using Ken Oliver’s color burst. I started out with the smaller image to practice coloring, as it’s been a while since I used them. Then I colored the larger image, but decided it was too big for an A2 card and I didn’t want to cut it down. So, what better way to use it then to create a memorial page I can hang on my wall to honor my cousin, after all I do believe she helped guide me with these creations.

April brings our family to the 6-month mark since my cousin took her own life. It’s also the month that her and her mom share the same birthday. She is my aunt’s oldest daughter. Her death has deeply impacted many of us in various ways. I often hear her in my thoughts and actions when goofing around. She and I used to always get scolded at family gatherings for the smart remarks we would make. As we got older our remarks were not frowned upon as much. I think either because we were more age appropriate to make the remarks or our family just got used to them. I have kept Courtney’s memorial card on my work desk for the past 6 month, not sure what to do with it, but couldn’t just put her away. She speaks loudly to me often and I miss her!

While scrolling through the images to select from this month it took me a while to come upon this Sweet Nectar image but once I did, I knew I had to pick it. The humming bird is the one bird my grandmother admired more than any another birds. After her passing, several of my family member all got the same hummingbird tattoo. Courtney was included in this group. In fact, we got ours the same day along with her mom and another aunt. When we seeing humming birds, we know my grandmother in near, she always seems to come in times we need her the most. Since Courtney’s, passing several of us often see younger hummingbirds that haven’t developed their beautiful colors yet. I believe this is my cousin coming to visit and letting us know things will be ok. Together I know her and my grandmother are watching over us.

Products Used

Sweet Nectar by LeAnnsWolrd

Ken Oliver powder water color

Gelly Roll glitter pen

Scratch patterned paper I had

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